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      Address:Xishan District, Wuxi City Industrial Park, Unity Road Haruzo,China

      Ultrasonic Plastic Welder

      Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is a state-of-the-art technology that has been used for many years. When welding thermoplastics, the thermal rise in the bonding area is produced by the absorption of mechanical vibrations, the reflection of the vibrations in the connecting area, and the friction of the surfaces of the parts. The vibrations are introduced vertically. In the contraction area, frictional heat is produced so that the material plasticizes locally, forging an insoluble connection between both parts within a very short time.

      The prerequisite is that both working pieces have a near equivalent melting point. The joint quality is very uniform because the energy transfer and released internal heat remains constant and is limited to the joining area. In order to obtain an optimum result, the joining areas are prepared to make them suitable for ultrasonic bonding. Besides plastics welding, ultrasonics also can be used in rivet working parts and embed metal parts into plastic.

      Product Name:plastic welding machine
      Product Introduction :Compared with conventional ultrasonic welding machine, the high-precision ultrasonic welding machine makes an essential development in accuracy and stability, so it is more suitable for welding precision plastic products with high-precision requirements, such as the precision liquid filter in medical industry.

      Product Parameters:
      Type NC-900P NC-2018P NC-2020P NC-2022P NC-1526P NC-1528P NC-1542P
      Frequency 28KHz 20KHz 15KHz 15KHZ 15KHZ
      Input Voltage
      PNEUMATIC PRESS 1-8bar
      TIME CONTROL 0.01-9.99S
      Wattage 800W 1800W 2000W 2200W 2600W 2800W 4200W
      Welding capablility ∮10 ∮170 ∮180 ∮190 ∮210 ∮230 ∮300
      Size 430mm*350mm*810mm (Liftable) 600*700*1800 800*1000*1900

      Core Technologies:

      . Normal temperature-circulation self-cooled ultrasonic generator with original Vertical type, the lowest failure rate of the industry ;
      . MMI, easy to operate;
      . SCM controlled action, more stable, more accurate;
      . Adjustable digital pressure trigger system;
      . Pressure sensing protective devices avoid the bulk defective products;
      . Linear slide movement ensure precision welding.

      Some application examples:

      Auto parts: car audios, foot pads, door panels
      Electric products: chargers, storage battery, telephones, sockets, flash discs,earphones
      Medical products: accurate liquid medicine filters,dilators, tee for medicine fillings
      Packaging and clothing:dairy food packing cases,valve bags, paper cups,bottle caps
      Stationery and toys: file folders, name card holders.

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