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      Ultrasonic Welder,Ultrasonic metal welder,Harness ultrasonic welder,Hot Plate Welder,Ultraonic Metal Setal Welder,Plastic Welder,Ultrasonic Molds

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      Velcro welding machine

      Velcro also known as Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine welding machine, welding machine or nylon Velcro Velcro ultrasonic welding machine Wuxi NICLE Liu Xujun, specializing in the production Velcro welding machine
      Velcro welding machine (English notes Velcro welding machine) Nylon Velcro products in the welding, when both do not add any binder, filler or solvent, do not spend a lot of heat.

      Velcro welding machine characteristics and advantages of

      No glue no sewing without any supporting material to be used to a variety of fabrics such as Velcro elastic ribbon bonded together. Ultrasonic welding device is a transistor-function device through the current 50 per 60Hz electrical frequency into a 20KHz or 40KHz high-frequency electrical energy electrical energy supplied to the converter. Velcro converter welding machine samples electrical energy into mechanical vibration for ultrasonic energy, pressure regulator device is responsible for transmission of mechanical energy after the change to the ultrasonic welding machine welding head. Welding head is the mechanical vibration can be transmitted directly to the pressing need to acoustic devices and products are a kind of vibration welding work pieces to pass through the adhesive surface vibration of friction heat generated can melt the plastic, the vibration in the molten state when the material reaches its interface stops keep up the pressure transient can melt the adhesive surface curing generated when a strong molecular bond, the entire cycle is usually less than one second will be completed, but its strength is close to a piece of solder attached materials. Welding: a broad sense refers to the product of two thermoplastic welding process. When the ultra-sound vibration stops when the solid materials melted to complete the welding. Strength of its junction with close to a block of health materials, as long as the products are designed to match the joints completely sealed is absolutely no problem, the dish together: mechanical lock to form a molten plastic material of different bolt process. Embed: The one piece of metal embedded in plastic products, non-reserved holes. High strength, forming a short period to install the advantages of quick mold design similar to the bending of the insert will be parts of each part of the sound wave is generated and then melting the protruding part of the formation of a plastic or plastic tube or other extruded parts. This approach has the advantage of dealing with the fast, small internal pressure, good appearance and nature of the material to overcome. Point defended: Spot welding is not set aside or energy is also controlled by two thermo-plastic components of the local welding. Spot welding can also be a strong bonding structure, is particularly suitable for large parts, a protruding piece of plastic, or cast thermoplastic plastic as well as those complex, difficult to access joints products. Cut: cut and seal a number of order and disorder of the thermoplastic materials, ultrasound technology. Seal the edges with this method does not crack, and no edges, curling phenomenon. Textiles textile products seals of each film and some of the sealing film to the ultrasound can also be used. It can be implemented on the film compacted together, but also to tidy the local textile cutting and sealing. Suture at the same time also played a decorative role.

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