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      Ultrasonic Welder,Ultrasonic metal welder,Harness ultrasonic welder,Hot Plate Welder,Ultraonic Metal Setal Welder,Plastic Welder,Ultrasonic Molds

      Ultrasonic Plastic Welder

      Hot Plate Welder

      Ultrasonic Metal Welder

      Filter Bag Welder

      Ultrasonic Metal Seam Welder

      Koshuha welder

      Ultrasonic Lacework Welder

      Ultrasonic sewing machine

      Velcro welding machine

      Harness Ultrasonic Welder

      Ultrasonic Spot Welder


      Address:Xishan District, Wuxi City Industrial Park, Unity Road Haruzo,China


      About Nicle

      Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, located in south China's famous "land of plenty", the Yangtze River Delta region's leading heavy industrial city, linking the north-south Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal at this intersection, China's most dynamic cities.
      NICLE Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd. (13,771,501,564 Liu) was established in 1999, is located in Wuxi Xishan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wuxi formerly Jingu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in ultrasonic plastic welding machines, large-scale development of hot-plate welding equipment and development. In 2004 with the Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Diqierliu jointly developed ultrasonic metal welding equipment. After many years of accumulated experience, has made remarkable technological achievements. Ultrasonic welding machine range of technologies to achieve the frequency 120 kHz -150 kHz, in which ultrasonic metal welding machine equipment for power of 20 kHz up to 4000 watts or more, in recent years, ultrasonic welding and plastic welding technology in the automotive, electronics and solar energy and other industry professionals utilization has achieved a major breakthrough, the development of equipment such as: automotive sound insulation felt special-purpose welding machines, car hood assembly before the special-purpose welding machines, car dashboards special-purpose welding machines, solar collector panels dedicated welding machines, etc. are the industry's leading specialized welding equipment, especially the solar collector plate welding equipment, the output power stability has reached the advanced level at home and abroad.
      NICLE tireless pursuit of long-term vitality of enterprise, we are adhering to the "customer first, teamwork, self-breakthrough" business idea "to market-oriented, technology-driven advances, customer satisfaction as the criterion, adhere to a faster , higher, update "development concept. To provide customers with high-quality industrial equipment and new product development for clients provide multi-faceted technical advice and cooperation.
      Company's products on the market has been well received by customers at home and abroad with a number of large enterprises to establish a long-term friendly and cooperative relations have been exported to Russia, Iran, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
      NICLE commitment: the practical needs of our customers comprehensive solutions to share with customers the most advanced product and process technologies.
      NICLE insist and hope: to our strict quality management, quality service warm and seek with your long-term cooperation and development!

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      Company's main products:
      Plastic Welding Machine:

      Hot plate welding machines, ultrasonic plastic welding machines, ultrasonic metal welding machines, riveting point of hot-melt welding machines, Ultrasonic metal spot welder, ultrasonic welding of metal rolling, solar collector panel welding machine, welding machine non-woven filter bags, batteries welding machines,high-frequency high-frequency welding machine, plastic hot-melt welding machine

      Copyright:Wuxi Nicle Ultrasonic EquipmentCo., Mobile:(0)13771501564 MSN:nicle00@live.cnAddressXishan District, Wuxi City Industrial Park, Unity Road Haruzo FAX:86-510-81006855 Zip:214102