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      Ultrasonic Welder,Ultrasonic metal welder,Harness ultrasonic welder,Hot Plate Welder,Ultraonic Metal Setal Welder,Plastic Welder,Ultrasonic Molds

      Ultrasonic Plastic Welder

      Hot Plate Welder

      Ultrasonic Metal Welder

      Filter Bag Welder

      Ultrasonic Metal Seam Welder

      Koshuha welder

      Ultrasonic Lacework Welder

      Ultrasonic sewing machine

      Velcro welding machine

      Harness Ultrasonic Welder

      Ultrasonic Spot Welder


      Address:Xishan District, Wuxi City Industrial Park, Unity Road Haruzo,China

      Hot plate welding machine

      1、Equipment Description
      Equipment type: NCR-2000
      Welding object: material PP ABS AS PE PPS and so on
      Welding media: hot welding and don’t need media
      Equipment ability: 3 shifts every day, each shift 8 hours
      Welding requirement:
      1)、The surface is clean and smooth without melted material wire, under normal situation can make water and air proof. The welding is tight.
      2)、After weldding, measure the welding height in 3 points, the tolerance is smaller than 0.3mm.
      3)、For specific one after needed party provide the techniqual requirement

      2、Equipment specifications and parameter
      Main machine dimension:
      Supply electricity: 380VAC 50/60HZ three phase five wires
      Heating power:1-5KW hot board go and back motion:0-320mm Consumed power:1-5KW up and down mould board motion:0-200mm Air supply: Pressure 0.3-0.6 MPa Welded plastic biggest area:550mm×350mm熱熔焊接機

      3、Art (all the process is automatic, only need to put and take the parts press start button)
      Put products bottom plastic part →bottom clamps absorb→ put the products up plastic part → upper clamps absorb → press start bottom → hot board in → the down press board up and the up press board down (to the face to face move the same time → hot burn → up board up,down board down → hot board retreat → up board down and down board up →stick → up clamps release →up board up 、down board down →down clamps release → take out products

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      AddressXishan District, Wuxi City Industrial Park, Unity Road Haruzo FAX:86-510-81006855 Zip:214102