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      Ultrasonic Welder,Ultrasonic metal welder,Harness ultrasonic welder,Hot Plate Welder,Ultraonic Metal Setal Welder,Plastic Welder,Ultrasonic Molds

      Ultrasonic Plastic Welder

      Hot Plate Welder

      Ultrasonic Metal Welder

      Filter Bag Welder

      Ultrasonic Metal Seam Welder

      Koshuha welder

      Ultrasonic Lacework Welder

      Ultrasonic sewing machine

      Velcro welding machine

      Harness Ultrasonic Welder

      Ultrasonic Spot Welder


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      Welding Principle

      1. The basic principle of ultrasonic plastic welder

      The Working principle of ultrasonic plastic welder is that: The machine converts electrical energy into ultrasound energy (a vibratory mechanical energy with a high frequency beyond the range of human hearing) through ultrasonic energy transducer. The energy then is transmitted through the horn to plastic parts, and the horn vertically vibrates 20,000 (20 kHz) or 40,000 (40 kHz) times per second creating frictional heat at the joint interface. Then the plastic parts will melt and after a predetermined time when vibration is stopped, along with the short maintained pressure a molecular bond is formed between the parts. Usually weld time is less than 1 second, and joint parts are so strong as if they were molded together. KCH series ultrasonic plastic welder can be used for thermoplastic material's butt welding and users can also change horns for other usage like rivet welding, spot welding, inserting and cutting depending on customers' demands.

      2.How does rotary friction plastic welder work?

      Rotary friction plastic welder is generally used to weld two circular thermoplastic parts. During the working process, one part is fixed in a fixture stationary, while the other is rotated against it under pressure precisely on its surface and the resulting friction generates heat that melts the two parts together, creating a strong, hermetic bond.

      3. How does hot plate welder work?

      Hot plate welding uses a temperature-controlled heated platen to melt the joining surfaces of the two halves of thermoplastic parts. The heated platen is introduced between the two halves to be assembled. The part halves are brought into contact with the heated plated and the plastic begins to melt. The parts' joint interfaces will be plasticized enough after a certain time, then the part halves of thermoplastic are separated allowing the heated platen to retract. Then the part halves are pressed together and after a proper amount of welding time and welding depth the whole welding process is finished.

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